Our Mandate – “Whatever it Takes Until it is Completed”

Den 205 is a Compassionate Ministry Centre (CMC) of the Church of the Nazarene.

Our purpose for offering healing prayer is to promote intimacy with Christ. We don’t believe in Band-Aid solutions, nor do we offer crisis intervention; rather we describe the Den in this way: “We are not an emergency ward, we are like the Re-hab centre, committed to on-going step by step recovery”. Healing prayer is a life long journey and not intended to be one or two visits to smooth over the pain. It is focused and intentional prayer following specific principles that result in mind renewal.

For more info. seeĀ www.theophostic.com


It is about helping others find genuine recovery.

We are committed to helping others heal emotionally. Here at the Den you will find solid, committed believers who volunteer their time freely. They will offer you love, acceptance and forgiveness in confidentiality at all times.

The founders, Hank and Betty Brandt had pastored in Elmwood for nine years before sensing God’s direction to change from a church to a healing centre.

They received their training in all levels of Theophostic in Kentucky under Dr. Ed Smith.

Since that time, over a dozen individuals have joined them as volunteers to fulfill the mandate of bringing others to wholeness.

Our Team

Betty Brandt

Executive Director

Hank Brandt

Administrator, Director of Outreach

Robin Berndt


Dianne Dawe


Lis Devries


Board of Directors

  • Hank Brandt
  • Karl Klassen
  • Dianne Dawe
  • Mike Dawe
  • Betty Brandt