• Life Groups for Transformational Prayer

    For those who have taken training in Transformational Prayer, we encourage you to form a life group that meets weekly. Groups of three will ensure that you are able to get regular prayer. If you are not part of a group, consider starting one. If you would like more information,

  • Advanced Theophostic Training

    The 8 month practicum will not be held again until 2013. Stay tuned for more details. If you require further information, please call us at 204-661-4150. Pre-requisite: You must have completed the 16 week training twice to qualify for this training. If you have taken the training and are seeking

  • 16 Week Training

    Our next 16 week Training is in September 2012 and is designed for those who have taken the Basic Seminar and want to go deeper in training as a prayer facilitator and become connected to a theophostic community. This is an intensive training with a four month commitment every Tuesday

  • Basic Theophostic Training

    Basic Training Seminar was held June 18-22. We may run another during the summer depending on the number of registrants. If interested, please call 1-204-661-4150. This seminar is for those interested in training for prayer facilitating.